Christmas Tips to stay Healthy over the Festive Season

Christmas Tips to stay Healthy over the Festive Season

Well the Festive Season is well and truly upon us and after the busy week I’ve had attending functions I knew I had to jot down my  “10 TIPS”  to surviving this jolly season, so we all don’t have a complete blow-out!

1. Don’t STOP your Training!

Most gyms are still open apart from the public holidays, trainers are still working and if you’re lucky enough to be away on holidays then do other things. Use the outdoors like the beach or a park, go for a bush walk, try a bit of paddle boarding or body boarding. Anything that gets your heart rate up gives you your cardio workout and there are plenty of body weight exercises you can do for your strength training.


2. Sit at the end of the table:

Most food platters and nibbles are placed in the centre of the table so if you sit closer to the end you have to excuse yourself continuously as you lean across the person next to you to grab another handful of nibbles. Believe me, it will stop you from shovelling them in when you have to keep leaning across someone.


3. Have a meal before you go:

If you are attending a function that is serving nibbles and finger food make sure you have a proper meal beforehand. You will be satisfied and less likely to want to overeat the nibbles.


4. If you are the Entertainer then have healthier options:

It’s YOUR home so you can serve whatever you want and your guests will enjoy lighter, healthier food as we all get TIRED of eating the same old things as we spread ourselves around the family & friend gatherings.


5. Watch your portion sizes:

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t really mean we need to eat bigger meals than we normally would? Of course we have more options available to us, things we may not normally eat however a plateful is still a plateful. Fill your plate with the proteins and salads/veges then give yourself a smaller serving of the “Not So Good Stuff”


6. Pace yourself with the alcohol and choose your poison:

Keep hydrated by having a glass of sparkling or still water between drinks. If you have it from a fancy glass, no one will know that you’re taking it a bit easy. Try to stick with one variety of drink rather than mixing drinks. Vodka, lime and Soda has less calories than beer and wine and when you switch to sparking water with lime you won’t know the difference.


7. Continue your daily rituals:

If you normally have a warm lemon water (which we all should on waking) or a daily green juice/smoothie keep these daily rituals up. You do them for a reason and just because it’s the holiday season is no reason to stop. I always take a lemon with me when I’m staying away overnight so I have it on hand to add to some warm water. Find a great juice bar if you are on holidays so you can grab a green juice.


8. Keep up your daily water intake or better still, try to increase it:

The more water you drink the fuller you will feel and the less likely you will over eat. Often we think we are hungry when we are actually dehydrated.


9. Have prepared meals in the fridge/freezer ready to eat when you have that dreaded hangover:

We all search for that heartier meal when we have a hangover. Rather than going for the burger, chip, pizza etc have something already prepared ready to go. I love having frozen portions of my clean “Chilli Con Carne” that I can grab and reheat, served with some brown rice or quinoa or I have crumbed (in almond meal & LSA) chicken tenderloins. Have some eggs, avocado and cherry tomatoes and a green juice when you wake and set yourself up for the day eating healthy! Having these clean foods available you will be satisfied and won’t over indulge on junk food!


10. Get plenty of sleep:

Sleep is SO important to our physical health, mood and overall well-being. Sleep is more than just conserving energy, it serves a number of essential functions we simply cannot do without. It provides restorative qualities for our body’s growth and rejuvenation. It affects our capacity to build memories, rewiring our brains to ensure that newly gained knowledge is organised and stored for future use. Getting more ‘quality sleep’ helps us to remember, process and understand things better.

On the flip side, too little sleep doesn’t just mean daytime sleepiness, it also makes our brains less efficient. Sleep deprivation can also lead to weight gain as our tired body thinks we have too little energy and tries to compensate with food.


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Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Christmas

Donna xx

Is Personal Training worth the money?

Is Personal Training worth the money?

How many times have you set new fitness goals for yourself only to lose interest in a couple of weeks?  Don’t beat yourself up about it, we all need a little help sometimes. 

Personal trainers are not just for stars, athletes and the wealthy, we all can benefit from working with a trainer. When you choose to work with a trainer, you are truly investing in your health and well-being.

As a trainer, mother, business owner and an all-rounder health & wellness junkie, I still have days where I struggle with the same flux of motivation that many of you do to get to the gym and work my butt off.

If you want some one on one attention to help you achieve your fitness goals, then personal training is for you.

So now, let’s take a look at the reasons why you will achieve more working with a personal trainer.


Accountability and Motivation:

They are experts at holding you accountable!

You will have set appointment times &  they will be there waiting for you with a smile on their face each and every time you show up. They will help you to develop your own personalised goals and to also develop a realistic and achievable plan to attain these goals.

You have your very own CHEERLEADER, believing in you even when you are feeling at your lowest and don’t believe in yourself.


You Will Develop a Routine:

You will be trained using the most effective ways to help you get to your fitness goals. Your PT will work with you to develop a routine that makes sense and is realistic for you.

If you haven’t worked out in months and are just returning to the gym, you will not be expected  to begin an unrealistic fitness routine. They are there  to HELP you, not make things harder for you.

You will work together to devise a training plan that will work with your family, work & lifestyle commitments. One that will maximise your time in the gym and not overwhelm you.


A Personalised Program:

Personal training is just that, PERSONAL!

Your PT will develop a program that is specific to you and your goals. You may want to lose weight, wear a bikini on your upcoming island holiday, fit into some skinny jeans, improve your strength or improve your cardiovascular health.

Whatever your goals are, the program will be specific to you and only you!  A program they will take the time to develop and teach to you, so you can also do it on your own.

If you are finding it hard to find time to work out, they will help you to get the most out of your work out, in the shortest amount of time.

Your time does not need to be lost at the gym, by maximising the workout and minimising the time, you will burn more calories in less time when working with a PT


Solid, Consistent & Non-Judgemental Support:

Not everyone has your best interest in mind but a good PT will!

Some of my favourite time during the week is working with my clients who have shared their goals so specifically with me and who have trusted me to help them get there!

As YOUR trainer, they care about you and your success.  Each hour (or two, or three) you spend with them is often the only time in your week that is truly devoted to you, your goals, and your successes.

You will be provided with consistent feedback to help you better yourself and achieve your goals in a supportive, non-judgemental manner. They are there to help and support you!


Proper Technique & Form:

You can watch all the You-tube videos in the world and read all the fitness magazines, but this does not substitute having a person by your side providing you with immediate feedback on form and technique.

It is very easy to hurt yourself in the gym, by making sure you are doing each exercise correctly, you will achieve your goals more quickly.

By teaching you to recruit the proper muscles and making a mind body connection, you will develop better form, improve your posture, increase your strength and prevent injury.



Working with a PT, will allow you to achieve the results that you may not be able to achieve on your own.

Each person’s goals are extremely personal. As a trainer, I work diligently with each of my clients to help them recognise their results, tangible and intangible, as well as results they never anticipated achieving. It is these results that not only hold you accountable to your PT, but they hold your trainer, accountable to you!


And if all that is not enough! You will also get….


Fresh perspectives & ideas on Health, Nutrition and Fitness:

There is an overwhelming amount of fitness, nutrition, and health information available these days that it makes it impossible for anyone to have the time to sift through this information for what is most valid, accurate and up to date.

As your trainer, it is their job to stay on top of health trends and to continue their education in order to provide you with the safest and most accurate information in the industry.


Is that new fad diet really effective? Will I really get a bikini body by doing that popular workout? Is it true what I read in this fitness magazine?


The list of questions we all have and need answers to is endless!

As trainers we able to use our education, knowledge and experience to provide you with tips and tricks to help you develop a healthier lifestyle.

Often trainers are the first to notice if something is different or just not right because we see you on a regular basis. We are then able to suggest or refer you to the appropriate expert whether it be a doctor, massage therapist, nutritionist, etc.” We care about your health and well-being!

And they will hold you accountable to taking care of yourself nutritionally, physically, and with your overall health!


One of my clients said to me…

“My PT is my life coach, my nutritionist and my motivational speaker – all in one. My sessions are the one thing I’m never late for!”


Never under- estimate the value of a Personal Trainer, your health and you are worth it!


Healthy Lemon, Salt & Pepper BBQ Chicken Breast

Healthy Lemon, Salt & Pepper BBQ Chicken Breast

Healthy Lemon, Salt & Pepper BBQ Chicken Breast

– 1 Average Sized Chicken Breast (113g)
– 1 Tablespoon Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 1 Tablespoon Of Lemon Juice
– 1 Tablespoon Of White Wine Vinegar
– 1/2 Teaspoon Of Black Pepper
– 1/2 Teaspoon Of Salt

1. Place the black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, white wine vinegar and salt in the mixing bowl and mix them together with the wooden spoon to form a marinade.
2. Once the marinade ingredients are fully mixed, add the chicken breast to the mixing bowl and coat it fully in the marinade.
3. Once the chicken breast is fully coated in marinade, pour the chicken breast and marinade into the sealed container and refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours to allow the marinade to fully soak into the chicken breast.
4. If you have time, turn the chicken breast halfway through to ensure that the marinade soaks into it evenly.
6. Cook the chicken breast for 5 minutes on each side on a medium to high heat in a pan or even better on the bbq.
7. Enjoy the healthy lemon, salt and pepper barbecue chicken breast with a selection of vegetables or some salad.