The Yo-Yo Dieter- Do you know her?

The Yo-Yo Dieter- Do you know her?

You’re ready! You’ve procrastinated long enough!

That was your last piece of chocolate… ever! No more cakes, take away or alcohol.

Starting tomorrow you’re (back) on a diet!


Does this sound familiar to you?

Are you this person, or have you been this person?

How did you go?  Was it easy?   Did you stick with it?  Maybe you failed on one or more occasions?

You finally decide (once again) you are ready to tackle this journey to a fabulous new fit and healthy YOU.

You do your research on the latest diet the celebrities are on and they ARE dropping kilos! So you purchase the expensive book that promises that this is all you need to stay on track. You read it and although it hasn’t actually given you any type of weekly eating plan, training plan or even a shopping list you need to succeed, you think it HAS to work as every celebrity swears by it! You’ll be ok, you’re feeling ready and confident so you’ll just work it all out as you go along.

So what happens next…. A few weeks in and it FAILS… again!

You are hungry, cranky and feeling like life sucks and it just isn’t worth it!

You wonder what happened this time. You were motivated and you had mentally prepared yourself for the tough road ahead. YOU WERE READY TO MAKE THIS SHIT HAPPEN, once and for all!

Do you happen to know this girl?       

Oh, I know this girl so very well!

She always online and she downloads every free or reasonably cheap eating plan, 21day bikini body challenge, little black dress diet, lose 5kgs before Saturday night, DIY home workouts, gym workouts, boot camps, you name it she has them all!

Don’t get me wrong, all these things are fabulous resources and we are lucky that so many people out there are willing to share them with us over the internet. But what this does is give us information overload and we then jump from one diet to another without really sticking to anything long enough to start getting results.

When will we learn? Why do we keep searching for the quick fix?

We have to be losing weight within the first 24-48hrs or we go searching to find something else that works quicker/better.

We forget it’s probably taken us months/years to put on this weight but are we willing to give ourselves months/years to get it off?





Well this is what happened (again) my lovely…

You tried too hard! You researched too much! You over thought it! You over did it!

It’s wasn’t sustainable and it became way too freakin hard! Oh and let’s not forget your inner mean girl reminding you that you have failed at this before and you’re not going to succeed this time either!



To be successful at anything you decide to do, you need to find your WHY!

And this means, you need to dig deep, you need to dig very deep.


Try this exercise and write your answers down.

Why do you want this?  (The answer of I want to lose weight, is not enough).

You need to ask yourself WHY you want to lose weight.

What will losing weight mean to you?

How will it change your life?

How will you feel if you reach your goal weight?

Remember to “DIG DEEP” for the answers.


Then ask yourself…

How important is it for you on a scale of 1 to 10?


After doing this exercise you will realise if you are truly ready to get started and how important it is to you.

These answers will be your motivation, put it somewhere so that you can read it and remind yourself daily, how important this is to you.



By changing the way you think about it and telling yourself that you are starting on a new path to a healthier lifestyle. This healthier lifestyle is going to improve your overall health and you are going to also lose weight in the process.

It won’t happen overnight (those extra kilos you have didn’t go on overnight either) but just by making better choices, being active, eating healthier food and cutting out the crap you WILL lose weight! You will also feel like a fabulous new women….

You MUST stop thinking of it as deprivation, going without, your life is over or you can’t have fun anymore. This is a whole lot of crap!

Believe me when I tell you that once you feel the benefits of living a healthier lifestyle you WON’T want to be putting unhealthy, processed, junk food in your body.

Now, there will be times when you will have a sweet treat, go out for dinner, eat that chocolate or have a wine and so you should! There has to be a healthy balance and this is about a healthier lifestyle that will become part of your everyday living.

It’s time to STOP looking for the quick fix that deprives you of everything and is unstainable.









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